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Pregnancy is 9 months of training. 40 weeks to prepare your body and your baby before birth. 280 days to read all the books, buy all the things, learn all the tricks, eat all the right foods, do all the prenatal yoga classes, sleep all the hours, and do everything you can possibly do to do everything right.

The list is overwhelming and the countdown is real. And while you are doing all that, Bloomlife is taking care of the rest to give you peace of mind to make sure your body is preparing for labor as it should.

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Like a “fit bit for pregnancy” Bloomlife’s solution involves a wearable device with sensors that detect kicks, contractions, and other markers of fetal health. The data from the device is used to help providers screen for risk and allow for remote monitoring. Aside from reducing maternal mortality (which has been rising sharply in the past decades) this solution also helps close the gaping innovation gap in maternal health as well as address the billions of dollars wasted in medical costs when people arrive at the hospital too early, not identifying labor correctly.

We joined Bloomlife early in their investor journey and over a year-long engagement, we helped the team understand their core audience, as well as develop messaging for three distinct groups—consumers, investors, and the scientific community. We helped the team with their go-to-market strategy, their user interface design, and their out-of-box product experience.

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IDW helped to translate what was in our brains into a compelling identity and user experience that delighted our users and communicated our vision to investors.

Eric Dy, PhD,

Co-founder & CEO

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