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Envisioning Relationship Design

Salesforce employees thousands of designers across 98 global offices.* Recently IDW partnered with the Design Operations leadership team to build an initiative around the theme of Relationship Design. We re-envisioned the Salesforce brand elements, reframing designers as “connection makers” and champions harnessing the power of design as the driver of the relationship economy.

We move through the world and our lives within a constellation of other people and experiences.
The design system we created was born of the Salesforce identity, building on brand recognition while setting a new bar for design inside the company.
Where we started:
How it evolved:
Further explorations:
Final visuals:

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The thoughtfulness and creativity of the IDW team pushed us forward. Their work is already influencing current designs and events.

Wendy Smith

Senior Director, Salesforce Design

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* "12 Salesforce Facts and Figures You Might Not Know," Salesforce, February 10, 2022.

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