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Reintroducing an Institution

Oakland’s Museum of California (OMCA) is a museum, garden, and gathering place in the heart of Oakland. While OMCA was always a beloved institution, brand awareness was low compared to peer organizations. There was lack of alignment about who they were, and what they had to offer. We partnered with OMCA in order to revitalize and redefine their brand, including new wayfinding and a micro-site celebrating their 50 year anniversary.

OMCA explores the big ideas that shape the lives of Californians, and brings untold (and under-told) stories to life.
Bold use of the new logo and OMCA-orange signal important changes at the beloved Oakland Institution.

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We’ve never looked or sounded so good. IDW is such an enormous part of that.

Lori Fogarty

Director and CEO, OMCA

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