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Chapter 510

Make-Believing in Oakland

Chapter 510 was founded in 2013 to address a need for a welcoming creative space for Oakland youth. IDW worked alongside the founding team as they explored possibilities of joining a national network, or hold tight to their roots and stay proudly independent. After the organizational strategy was settled, we helped the team align around a refreshed brand and identity system, which would inform the look and feel of their new writing center.

1 in 3 Oakland students feel sad and hopeless, with a peak among 8th graders, youth of color, and those who identify as queer. Chapter 510's mission is to provide a safe space for young writers to find comfort in creativity.*
Chapter 510’s new writing center includes several writing studios, a bookmaking space, a podcast recording room and a stage.
The project involved establishing two brands: the writers’ center (Chapter 510) and the public-facing storefront (Dept. of Make-Believe).

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This brand refresh has influenced every aspect of what we do now. People walk in and sometimes literally shed tears... This brand is JOY!

Tavia Stewart

Co-Founder & Associate Director, Chapter 510

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* "Oakland Fund for Children and Youth," City of Oakland, May 5, 2021.

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