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Ending the Crisis

With climate change and population growth, wildfires have become increasingly devastating and frequent. Fire season can bring evacuations, rolling blackouts, unhealthy air, millions of acres burned, losses of home & property, and even lives lost. In California, the 2020 wildfires burned four million acres of forest and resulted in 31 lives lost – while reversing two times the total emission reductions achieved state-wide over a 15+ year period (2003-2019).

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Credit: The Press Democrat, The West is Burning

Megafire is solvable.

Megafire Action is a new non-profit founded to help end the megafire crisis within the next ten years, working to increase policy & funding for better forest management and firetech innovation. Beginning in 2022, IDW began a creative partnership with the founding board.

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Starting the movement with a mark.


To establish the strategic brand position & identity for the organization, IDW hosted a design sprint. We curated a group of creative collaborators, clients and stakeholders. We prepped the team with a detailed brief and relevant research, then hosted a 2-hour brainstorm to ideate, sketch, and share possible logo directions.


In our logo explorations, indigenous tribes’ understanding of “good fire” felt important to acknowledge through the Four Directions symbol. We wanted a mark that also had the official look of a government seal. We landed on including four symbols representing the factors necessary to bring balance into our ecosystems: flames (the force of fire), hand (planned burns), McCleod rake (forest maintenance), and acorn (new life).


After several rounds of feedback, we successfully finalized the organization's name and visual identity. Our objective was to create an identity that not only stood out as unique and innovative but also conveyed a sense of authenticity, teamwork, and proactive engagement—attributes that align with Megafire Action's approach. To seek inspiration, we found ourselves looking to the WPA Posters born out of the Second New Deal for inspiration.


With the identity direction in place, we designed and developed a preliminary website. The goal for the starter site was to clearly outline strategic priorities and share the depth of the founding board—enabling Megafire Action to effectively introduce themselves to potential donors, policymakers, and the wider public. Built to accommodate future growth and thought leadership, the site will become a policy resource for a growing network of fire experts, activists, and innovators.

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Our partnership with IDW has been invaluable and transformative at every level.

Matt Weiner

CEO, Megafire Action

Visual artists on the front lines.

To drive change, it is crucial to visualize the present and future state of forestry and wildfire initiatives. To complement Megafire Action's policy and subject matter expertise, IDW is collaborating with the team to establish a network of photographers and video teams dedicated to documenting the evolving fire landscape across the United States. Visual storytelling plays a vital role in capturing attention and highlighting the magnitude of the megafire challenge, as well as the potential solutions required to resolve the crisis within a decade.

Wildfire on the big stage.

George Whitesides, one of the founding members of Megafire Action, received an invitation to present his visionary ideas on wildfire solutions at TED 2023: Possibility. To bring his impactful talk to life, George turned to IDW for collaboration. Leveraging our diverse capabilities as a hybrid studio, including content strategy, storytelling, design, photography, videography, post-production, illustration, and animation, we worked together to create a compelling and engaging presentation for the TED stage.

We worked closely with George to architect overall content and flow, then identified key points to bring to life through animated infographics.
This project reminded us of the important role artists have in being witnesses, responders and change-makers — alongside the policymakers and entrepreneurs working on solutions to the megafire crisis. We are incredibly grateful for the swift and generous responses from the following photographers and videographers, media sources, and start-ups.
Participating Artists & Organizations


Joby Aviation

Kiliii Yüyan

Ralph Bloemers, Elemental

Sashwa Burrous

The Press Democrat

The West is Burning

Tim Walton

Trip Jennings, Elemental

The partnership with IDW is empowering us to lead the national conversation on megafire awareness and lay the groundwork for solutions to end the crisis.

George Whitesides

Co-Founder, Megafire Action

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